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Note that there is a space before the word Like because this is needed in the final SQL string.Note also that I have used single quotes ( ' ) around the asterisk.

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If this is likely you should take this into consideration when building your code.

To make this happen seamlessly we can turn of screen updating (called Echo in Access VBA) before closing the query and turn it on again after reopening it. Echo True The finished code looks like this [click the thumbnail to see a full-sized image]: This project makes use of a stored query and, as I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, one of the reasons I prefer not to rely on stored queries (if I can help it) is that they tend to get interfered with by users.

This code will replace the lines that apply the SQL string to the query and then open it. Since this query is redefined each time it is used, all we need to do it check to see if it exists before running the rest of the code.

Consider this example: supposing your user chooses a specific Office and Department but leaves the Gender combo box blank... Because of the way the code was written, the criteria for the Gender field goes into the SQL statement as: tbl Staff. The user left the combo box empty so when its value was inserted into the SQL statement it appeared as a pair of quote marks with nothing in between (i.e.

Their actions suggest that they are not interested in Gender so they haven't specified any criteria. a zero length string) which gets interpreted as "Nothing".

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