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In 2010 he had dedicated “My Reading Life” to her, writing: “Know this, I love you with my heart and always will.Your return to my life would be one of the happiest moments I could imagine.” All four of his daughters and other surviving siblings — Jim, Tim and Mike Conroy and Kathy Harvey — were there with their children and grandchildren.They talked about Stephen Curry’s jump shot, literature in the age of irony and Donald Trump.He recalls emergency medical technicians taking Conroy out of the house to the hospital.When asked March 7, 2016, about losing their friend, the iconic Pat Conroy, John Warley and Ellen Malphrus said they have some comfort knowing that, just roughly four months ago, Conroy got to experience a three-day festival — "Pat Conroy at 70" — in his hometown of Beaufort that celebrated his extraordinary life.

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They talked, like they always had, but it wasn’t on the porch with Conroy’s cigars and a glass of Woodford bourbon.15 announcement that he had pancreatic cancer and his burial March 8 in a Gullah cemetery on St. “What a loss,” his wife, Cassandra King Conroy, said Friday.“It hasn’t really sunk in yet, I guess, but it will.” Conroy’s death was larger than life, with 4 million people clicking on his website in recent days just to be close.He would smile when his best friend, Bernie Schein, would whisper in his ear that he was an asshole.But in his dying days, Conroy mostly heard poetry, singing and reminiscing.

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