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This National Supreme Tweed Valco Chicago 51 rocks just like a 57 Chevy. The marks are from metal bleeding through tweed just as are hearts were bleeding when we played the Dual 6V6 Tubes.

This baby is 100% Original right down to the power cord.

This 65 Deluxe was there as a studio amp for recordings.

Just so happens Bruce Springsteen was there to record "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" album too.

Are far as we can tell this is a GA-6 but with a Jensen Blue 10". They painted her with a black enamel and took a belt, cut it, and made a homemade handle. Luckily the tweed lacquer save her from permanent color change.

We just love the cigarette burns on the Tweed Tolex. Three prong grounded plug added, and new caps to insure safety, for the amp and musician. She's a very cool little power house and the best little blues harp amp around. It took about 24 hours to scrape that thin coat off her and she's now a True Roadworn Queen. This 10 Watt Vintage Masterpiece, has a wonderful 10" Fender Blue-Bell Speaker, which sounds like a 1959 Cadillac purring down the road, fins and all.

On the speaker inside wall the same in pencil and a return paper label on back control panel (his old address).

Rare model of Jensen speaker installed and original.She has a replacement Fender handle but all the rest is original. Danelectro Centurion Model 272- This early 1960's tube amp is slightly colder than cool.Condition is very near mint/original, with just a replaced handle, AC cord, and some tubes.The serial number is P-00057 super low number, It's stamp code on the tube chart, speaker, and chassis.EE which signifies the amp was assembled in May of 1955.

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