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We still had sex but it wasn't like when we first got married. I understood that working and being a mother was a hard job. She said it was kind of her escape from always being home with the kids and of course the second income always helped.My escape, was going on the computer at night and I started reading erotic-literature.* Chapter 1: The Explanation Let me begin by saying, "Most authors hate me." I'm the guy that leaves comments mostly on 'Cheating Wives' and 'Wimp Husband' stories.

I guess deep down I didn't want her to like it better with someone else. When Jamee and I did go out with friends, which wasn't very often, we liked dancing and dinner. We had a young circle of friends who always kidded each other about sexual things.I found myself going on the Internet more and more. I started thinking that I was the man in every story I read. I would go in the room and just look at my wife sleeping and picture her having sex with someone else. I couldn't really see it happening but I did have mixed emotions about it. It was my fantasy and it would only happen when I made it happen.My fantasies started to get out of hand, I know that now. Jamee, my wife didn't have a say-so, it was my choice. In my fantasy, she did respond to the sex she was having.He either fucks you, you give him head – or better yet – both!Then the guy leaves and you never know what he looked like (until you review the video later of course!

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