Dating different political views American exprress webcam

But the reality is, you can't help who you fall in love with.

If you're a bleeding heart liberal dating someone who voted for Trump or who still supports whatever ideology he's pushing lately (or a Trump supporter dating someone who is in the midst of organizing another women's march), you're probably wondering how to date someone with different political views from your own.

It's hard to avoid, especially when many of the hot button political issues hit very close to home.

to respond to the devastating events in Charlottesville to saying that a neo-Nazi march was not entirely the fault of neo-Nazis (???

), it's hard to imagine how someone would ever be dating a Trump supporter during this volatile political climate.

There's no harm in creating learning opportunities for yourself, if you feel that you're able to handle them right now."Listen to where your partner is coming from, and express interest in learning about their rationale," Langston says.

"The best thing any of us can do is to remain curious and not judgmental, and seek to understand others with differing positions."It's totally understandable if you are past the point of feeling calm about politics.

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