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Facebook has spent the last two years aggressively pushing Facebook Live.

But the fact is that not everyone is comfortable performing for an audience.

Here’s what a Facebook spokesperson told us: “At Facebook Inc we continue to build and test new products and services.

We already have many great experiences for people to video chat in groups, or as individuals, across the family of apps, including Messenger.

We have nothing further to share at this time.” By nature of its one-country launch, the indication is that this is clearly a test Facebook is performing, and one that seems to cater to the growing popularity of group video chat.

The Bonfire app, which has been downloaded only around 2,000 times, said TNW, was first launched on the Danish App Store in mid-August, then updated this month with the ability to do special effects.

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There's a lot going on, so join me today to discuss all of this and more.

Facebook has been quietly testing a new standalone group video chat app, called Bonfire, which allows up to eight friends to engage in conversation as well as use special effects, similar to those you’d find in apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

But upon hands-on testing, Tech Crunch has learned Bonfire also lets users join chats straight from Messenger without downloading Bonfire itself.

Junior dos Santos appears to have gotten back on track, although whether he's truly reformed remains to be seen.

We've passed UFC Fight Night 86, which was a semi-surprising ratings success.

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